Hi! I am Ela – a mother of a 5-year old Madzia and Thermomix® Advisor since 2019.

How did it all start with Vorwerk®? Get to know my story!

It was Madzia’s allergy that forced us to check every single thing she ate. We had to prepare every meal from scratch and were looking for a kitchen appliance that would help us deal with the situation. A few moments of using Thermomix® was enough for me to know it was the one we were looking for. I was surprised especially by its functionality and happy that I can save so much time, money and space in my kitchen. At that time of my life I was on maternity leave and was wondering what to do next: I did not want to leave my baby but I also wanted to get my career back. And then Danuta, the Advisor who had presented Thermomix® to us, showed up and offered me the new opportunity. It was the best business decision that allowed me to spend as much time as I wanted with Madzia and find a totally new career path.

You can also get the chance to change something in your life!
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So if:

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